PP, Polypropylene parameters

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hy guys !

anyone ever tested PP on the rapMan ?

between 190 and 220° C the raft  dont fit on the bed, and the extruder carrys the mesh away , everytime.

i also prepared the bed with sandpaper, but the material also won`t fit and warps up, again.

the nozzle is as near as possible , around 0,4 mm away from bed.

should i try cooler or more warm ?
can anyone tell me what can be wrong, or anyone got optimal parameters for PP ?

kind regards

Bogdan Kecman
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Yes :)

I printed mendel in PP and I used over 10Kg of PP so far. You can find some pics here: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/view?uname=bogdan.kecman&isOwner=true&tags=pp#

PP don't stick to acrylic so forget about printing on original bed. You have to make print bed from PP. You can use plastic chopping board, PP stick to it pretty good (they are made from PP or HDPE and PP stick to both).

Note that PP warps like hell, much much more then ABS, even more then HDPE

You can see my settings for PP here: http://www.mysql.rs/repos/skeinforge_settings/profiles/extrusion/PP_GRAY_03/

hope this helps.

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allright allright ,

nice pics mate :),
ok, so i have to change the bed , and then i ll see if its work.
thx a lot.

regards beze

Forrest Higgs
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I've printed on PP on HDPE and PP.  It's much nicer to print PP on HDPE than PP.