3DTouch 3D Printer

Affordable 3D printers right on your desktop

Bits From Bytes 3DTouch 3D Printer

The 3DTouch opens up a whole new world of creativity. Quick and easy to set up, this affordable 3D printer makes personal manufacturing a reality, using the latest developments in desktop print technology to provide the ultimate 3D printing experience.

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With its clear and open design, the 3DTouch 3D printer is ideal for the classroom, home or office environment. Bring your 3D CAD drawings to life - your only limit is your own imagination. Create prototypes, models, RC parts, toys… the list is endless!

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3D printers from Bits from Bytes provide an affordable way to ignite the imaginations of students. Until now designs have been stuck on the screen, but now these machines allow them to be created in the real world. BFB 3D printers are indispensable tools for learning.


Get ahead of the game with new product designs, packaging or tooling, and deliver real parts in real time. Custom-make parts for whenever you need them – yourself. The 3DTouch 3D printer is fast and easy to set up, perfect for getting started quickly.


Whether you're an amateur inventor, designer or arts and crafts enthusiast, the 3DTouch 3D printer will build the things you have always wanted to make. Ideal for anyone with a passion for design and engineering!



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