Hobby Solutions

3D printers and kits from Bits from Bytes will free your imagination and unleash your creativity!

3DTouch 3D printer or RapMan 3.2 3D printer kit:

  • Allows you to design and produce parts quickly and economically
  • Revolutionises home production of prototypes and working parts
  • Enables a much wider range of solutions than traditional production techniques would allow

Whether you're an amateur inventor, designer or arts and crafts enthusiast, the RapMan 3.2 3D printer kit will build the things you have always wanted to make, including your very own 3D printer. An affordable, build-it-yourself option, the RapMan 3.2 is ideal for anyone with a passion for design and engineering!

For all those budding entrepreneurs in the wilderness, the 3DTouch 3D printer will make your personal manufacturing dreams a reality. The 3DTouch 3D printer is still much more affordable than any other commercially available 3D printer and produces great, sturdy parts. So rather than spend time putting together your kit, you can immediately design and print that exciting new product of yours!


3D Printed Radio Control Car by Bits from Bytes


Case Study

Rotor coupling for radio controlled helicopter – Tony Fletcher

“Traditionally the hobbyist would not have access to the technology needed to produce complex prototypes, designs have been limited to what you are able to produce by hand and light machine tools. Using the RapMan it is possible to create quality parts that would be very difficult to manufacture in a home workshop. This frees the mind to design the way you want rather being limited to what you can carve from solid.”