Education Solutions

3d printers in education3D printers and kits from Bits from Bytes provide an affordable way to ignite the imaginations of students and take them beyond the theory of CAD/CAM. With these machines, students are able to design and create three dimensional models in the classroom, right before their own eyes. BFB 3D printers are indispensable tools for learning.

Whether you are in a classroom or lab, the RapMan 3.2 3D printer kit and the 3DTouch 3D printer are two very practical and hands-on machines.

A 3DTouch 3D printer or RapMan 3.2 3D printer kit:

  • Allows students to develop tangible design and engineering skills
  • Is ideal to develop cross-curricular links between Design & Technology (STEM) and Geography, History, Maths and Science lessons
  • Enables students to print both prototypes and real components/items for their projects and coursework

Bits from Bytes offers both preassembled and build-it-yourself printer options. The 3DTouch 3D printer is shipped pre-assembled and our Education Model includes a two head assembly to enable use of support material, along with a Double Head Material Starter Pack. Alternatively, the RapMan 3.2 3D printer kit is a great way to encourage both engineering and design skills, requiring to be built from supplied individual components.


Case Study

Dave White Advanced Skills Teacher for Design & Technology, North Somerset, U.K

“The BFB machines are invaluable tools in the classroom. Until now the cost of 3D printing has been prohibitive for schools but it is vital that students are able to learn about the processes used in modern industry. At last it is possible for schools to use cutting-edge CAM as well as CAD.”