Welcome to the Bits From Bytes Support Page

Please note that we provide support via a ticketing system for existing customers. Please direct sales enquiries to [email protected] as any sales enquiries entered here can not be answered.

In order to help you find the answer to your question as quickly as possible we have set up a series of troubleshooting pages which can be found on our Technical Resources pages. Please take time to read through the relevant guide to check what information it holds before creating a ticket.  

When you create a ticket you will be asked for key information about your machine - model, serial number, firmware version and number of print heads. Please take a few moments to gather this information before you complete your ticket request. (Serial Numbers for 3DTouch and BFB 3000s can be found on a sticker usually located in the lower right hand corner of the internal back wall of the machine. Serial numbers for RapMan kits are found on a sticker on the outside of the box they are supplied in and on a separate sheet of paper with a large blue circle on it which was inside the box when delivered)

How does the ticket system work?

You create a ticket including the following information

  • model of your machine
  • serial number of your machine
  • the version of firmware you are running
  • number of print heads on your machine
  • where you purchased your machine (directly from BFB or via another company)
  • date of purchase
  • a one-line summary of the problem
  • a detailed description of the problem
  • print files (if appropriate the .stl and gcode files you are working with)
  • images of the problem (if appropriate)

You can update your ticket at any time

  • change the status of your ticket
  • add further comments
  • attach further files / images

We will investigate your questions

  • trained BFB staff will look into your questions

Your questions will be answered in 2 working days

  • your ticket will have comments added
  • you will receive an e-mail when your ticket is updated

We will use the answers to your questions to update our troubleshooting guide to ensure that anyone else having similiar problems in the future can quickly and easily find the information they require. 



Please note that you must be logged in this web site to create a ticket. If you have not done so, please log in before clicking to create a ticket. If you have not already registered please click on Register at the top right of this page and complete the following form before clicking to create a ticket. Thank you.