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rapman 3.2

  • Three colour printing!
  • Increased Fine Detail definition
  • New build system
  • Ultra Quick File Processing
  • Raft-less printing
  • Improved print profiles

For use with 3DTouch and RapMan 3.2 with updated V5.4.1 firmware.

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RapMan 3.2 3D Printer Kit

rapman 3.2Perfect for schools and hobbyists alike - build your own 3D printer using our custom-designed kit. Design and print your own plastic objects, and join the personal manufacturing revolution.


New! - 3DTouch™ 3D Printer

Print your own 3D designs with this pre-assembled 3D printer with a touch screen interface and sized to fit your desktop. Perfect for schools, home and office, simply load your design using the USB port and start making.


Materials for 3D printing

ABS materia1Don't run out of material at the last minute - get the most from your budget with quality, affordable thermoplastics to suit your project. Order with confidence, knowing you have the right stuff when you need it.


Ultrasonic Tank In Action