Offset between extruders

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I notice that my support structure is merging into my body structure.  I know you can change the offset between extruders, right now it is -44.30X  0 Y.   The body print is extruder 1 (0,0) and the support is 2.   Should I change these, oh say, -42.3,  -2.  I am guessing the crashing of the machine has messed this up when the coupler between the z axis and the servo was loose when I first got it.



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There is a neat way to calculate the offset using a clever vernier style gauge that you print on the machine 

the manual and part download are here

(if you are asked to login  the username is  bfbcustomer and password is 3dprinting)


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As per usual, the PDF export barfs with a "Failure to read template yadda, yadda, yadda... "; same as before when I went to archive other manuals..